Heartful way to reduce stress and Corona virus anxiety.

I have started practicing meditation from January 2020. Since then I am practicing meditation regularly. What I have been experiencing is quite amazing. Before practicing meditation I had been living in the phobia of exams, It affected my mind and my thinking process in a negative way, it hinders our consciousness to expand in multi-dimension.

How did Heartfulness meditation help? During daily life, my attention had been mostly drawn outwards. When thoughts were scattered, the power of thought decreases and I would lose focus. When I started meditating on the heart, in Heartfulness Meditation, my attention was directed inwards, and I learnt to ignore thoughts. The tendency to get distracted slowly reduced.

Heartfulness meditation has not only helped me to cope with education stress but thoroughly transforming orientation of my mind and thought process. It’s helping me to stay focused and motivated towards my goal to join NDA and serve as an officer in Indian Armed forces. Meditation act as defender for us against negative thought process of other people too.

With continuous practice, my energy started flowing inwards and I learnt to retain energy naturally. My mind wasn’t wasting energy on unnecessary thoughts and stimuli. It’s difficult to put into words how the heart acts as a guide; you have to experience it yourself to know. My anxiety due to chronic stress started decreasing, my mind started functioning in a healthy way, and it felt like breathing new life into body, mind and heart.

Within three months of Heartfulness practice, I started noticing a genuine change in my emotional state. I am more relaxed and happy through the day, my performance has increased, and I appreciate life better. Exploring the subject of meditation is like a thirsty person with water. Reading about it is not enough! If you are thirsty, dive in and take a drink. Experience it, and you will appreciate it better. Meditate, shake off your worries and stay healthy.

Heartfulness meditation can help beat stress, be positive during Covid-19 pandemic.

During these days we undergo this daily, our nervous system, immunity and mental and physical well-being all deteriorate. Over time, our performance diminishes because, although stress brings out great results in a crisis situation, we cannot sustain it for the long-term. It’s like running a car on full throttle for extended periods – it leads to wear and tear of internal parts. Likewise, our human system shatters from a continuous and extensive onslaught of stress.

“Heartfulness meditation is not just another traditional meditation teaching, but consists of a bundle of different processes like relaxation, heart-based meditation, yogic transmission and heartfulness cleaning. These processes worked synergistically complimenting the effects of each other and are the likely reasons for such a significant stress reduction.,” says Dr G. Raja Amarnath.
Recent surveys show that 46 per cent of the Indian workforce suffers from some form of stress, with around 87 per cent of women suffering from this condition.
“Heartfulness meditation master classes can reduce these effects by regulating stress levels after functioning over the heart by reducing emotional stress due to overload, worries, tension, and harassment reduced and joy increased after meditation by immune-enhancing effects and can help to alleviate stress and enhance work performance,” said N. Jessie, a psychologist.

Our heart guides us thoroughly and throughout our whole life with its wisdom and when we follow the direction of our wise heart through our regulated mind, we become what we all ought to be “

Therefore to live a balanced life, one has to regulate his minds, senses and emotions through heart based meditation and as Kamlesh D. Patel (Daaji) aptly says, ” Heartfulness Meditation brings us from the complexity of mind to the simplicity of the heart.”

Meanwhile during nation wide lockdown in our country India, our citizens should follow all the guidelines given by the government of India and all the people should stay at home to remain safe and secure. We all should learn the beautiful art of the meditation to cope with Corona-19 pandemic and stress produced due to this ongoing crisis.

We are not going to vanish, together we will rise. Nature is our mother, she knows what is best for us. Maybe the process is painful for us and worst for many. But we should keep patience, the consequences of this ongoing crisis will change the direction of the whole humanity forever in more proper and right direction.

So be it. Amen.

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